The Coronavirus is here

Things are about to get really tough for the rescue centres and dogs of Thailand

So in the space of a few short weeks life for everyone has changed dramatically. A few weeks back I was still in Thailand thinking it was going to pass and that it wouldnt effect me in anyway.

How wrong could I be?

Wearing a mask for everyone has become normal and necessary

After a failed trip to the boarder to renew my visa, and a reality check on how things had changed, I quickly realised I needed to get out quick. And now I’m sitting back in the UK in quarantine. I still cant quite believe it.

I cant help but worry about the rescue centres and the dogs and the tourist industry out in Thailand. Already all the tourists have gone, resorts are closed, the beaches are empty. Everything is deserted. Volunteers have packed their bags and left. All rescue centres are closed trying to abide by the strict new regulations and rules whilst they all wonder how will they pay their staff and how will they feed their dogs. What about the street and beach dogs that get fed by tourists and hotels? What about the dogs abandoned by their owners? Too many things flash through my mind now I’m sitting here back in the UK.

Now there’s nobody to feed the street dogs

The latest updated from Thailand is that a strict 24 hour a day curfew is about to be imposed lasting at least 2 weeks if not more. This fills me with dread.

There are so many dogs now relying on street feeders to feed them and keep them alive, if the street feeders cant get to them what hope do they have?

The streets and tourist areas are completely deserted.

I don’t know how things will unfold. I fear the worse for the dogs that I fell in love with and planned to rescue myself. I fear the worse for the rescue centres who cant just up and leave.

I fear the worse for all of them. I try to not dwell on it too much but my mind wonders all the time. Things are different now. I pray and hope things will change soon.

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