Welcome! My name is Sarah.

In January 2019 I embarked on a volunteering and backpacking trip to Thailand. I had absolutely no idea what to expect and had never volunteered anywhere before. On that trip, I volunteered at many different rescues throughout Thailand, and from that moment everything changed for me.

I fell totally in love with all the dogs I met at each dog shelter, and discovered a passion for working in rescue that I never knew I had. It was fulfilling and life-changing, but also upsetting and very frustrating, I learnt that people can be very cruel and that as a society Thai people have very different ways of dealing with dogs than we do. Some of the things these dogs have been through are horrible.

During my travels, I also met many people involved in their own way in rescue. Some of the rescues are completely overwhelmed, they barely get through each day and survive on barely any funding.

So far I’ve visited or volunteered at 10 different organisations around Thailand. I’m in awe of the people that do this day in and day out, but it’s hard listening to their struggles. Covid completely devastated tourism and for two years they had virtually no volunteers and a huge drop in donations.

As well as setting up Friends of Rescue, I’m also the adoption coordinator at Saved Souls Foundation. I do this voluntary. It’s something I’m passionate about and something I will continue to do as long as I am allowed to. I’ve managed to rehome a number of dogs in the UK, who would still be there in the shelter if I didn’t give them that chance and try to make their lives better.

Below is where I have visited so far.

  • Soi Dog Foundation – Phuket
  • Samui Cat and Dog Rescue – Koh Samui
  • Elephant Nature Park – Chiang Mai
  • Saved Souls Foundation – Khon Kaen
  • The Man That Rescues Dogs – Chonburi
  • Hope for Strays Foundation – Pattaya
  • Happy Dogs Koh Chang – Koh Chang
  • Pariah Dog – Koh Samui
  • A&N Animal Rescue – Pattaya
  • All Animals are Suay – Chiang Mai

.My Mission:

Fundraise and donate. Help promote as many dog rescue centres as I can. Focus on adoptions and getting dogs out of these rescue centres, and into new loving homes either in the UK or locally in Thailand.

Please check out my adoptions page. You can message me if you need further information on the process.

I care passionately about these dogs and I am determined to help them in any way I can.

Thank you for following my journey.

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