Dogs for Adoption

Adopting a dog from Thailand is a wonderful thing to do. Some of these dogs have been through horrific trauma and some have simply been abandoned. Many of the dogs for adoption have been in the rescue centre for many years and have no hope of ever being adopted unless we actively promote them and try our best to find the perfect family for them. Adopting a dog from Thailand takes some patience but the end result is always worth it.

The adoption fee is £490 and only partially covers the cost to get these dogs to the UK. The rest is covered by me. The whole process takes around 4 months from Thailand to the UK, unless they are already here in the UK in foster. A full application process and a home visit will be required. All dogs need to be homed with secure gardens. We only home dogs with older children over 12.

Buddy *Adopted*

Buddy is approx. 4-5 years old. Vaccinated and neutered. Currently living at Saved Souls Foundation. Can be adopted abroad or in Thailand.

Buddy is a lovely active boy who loves going for treks and hikes. He lives in the blind dog enclosure at the shelter but he has good vision in one eye. His needs are not being met where he currently lives as he does not get taken out of his run very often. He is missing a front tooth after a fight with one of his doggie neighbours, all down to boredom and frustration as he is actually a very placid and chilled-out boy. He came to Saved Souls Foundation after being hit by a car and rescued by another organisation called Project Street Dog. Once he had recovered they asked Saved Souls to look after him where they have many other dogs.

He’s a really nice calm boy and would suit a couple who are active. He also needs a big secure garden. He’s very intelligent and would make a really great addition especially if you are into fitness as he’s active and has a need to explore.

Missy *Adopted*

Missy is approx. 5 years old. Fully vaccinated and neutered. Currently in the UK in foster after arriving here in December 2021.

Missy is a very sweet pretty girl. She can be nervous about new people or situations but once she overcomes that she has a lot of love to give. She is beautiful and her fur is very soft. She’s currently living in the UK after spending time in another sanctuary away from Saved Souls as we thought the environment would help her become more confident. The staff tell us that she was very loving and the first to greet them in the morning and do an exciting dance along the fence when she saw them! She’s always ready for a scratch and will gaze at you lovingly when you are near. Due to her nature, Missy would best suit a relaxed and loving home without too much noise.

We also think she would benefit from being home with another doggie companion rather than being the only dog. She gets on well with other dogs and has been cat tested to a degree. The adoption fee is £490.

Libby *Adopted*

Libby is a female approx. 5 years old. Fully vaccinated and neutered. Libby is already in foster in the UK so UK adoptions only please.

Libby is a lovely dog who will absolutely smother you with love and her tail will always be wagging whenever she looks at you. She is currently in foster and is looking for a home where she can be the only active dog and needs a big garden. She can be a little jealous of other dogs especially if they are taking away attention from her human, however, she is currently living with 2 other dogs so this is something that can be worked with. Currently, she is very scared of dogs she does not know and so needs some confidence training. She can be a little sensitive so definitely needs an experienced adopter used to dealing with rescue dogs. She really loves going for walks and would make a good running companion as she has a lot of stamina. She’s a very beautiful girl with soulful eyes and loves cuddling up on the sofa.

She has not been tested with cats. She does not appear to like children due to a traumatic past so needs a home where there are not lots of young family members visiting.


Skyler is a disabled female around 5 years old. Fully vaccinated and neutered. She is currently in the UK in foster care in West Sussex

Skyler arrived at Saved Souls Foundation in Thailand after being hit by a car, she was also pregnant and went on to have 5 puppies, all of which still live at Saved Souls. During her stay with them, she began to have problems with her legs so both her back legs were amputated. She has also had a prolapsed rectum which has now been fixed. She will need her bladder expressed and needs to be homed with an experienced adopter used to disabled dogs. Skyler is a wonderful dog and has no problems getting around on her two front legs. She can balance and walk on her two front legs really well but she is also good in a wheelchair. She is a very happy girl considering everything she has been through. Currently, she is living with 3 other dogs at her foster house but will need to be introduced slowly to other dogs in the household if applicable. She has not been tested with cats or children. Skyler is a really lovely girl and really needs this golden opportunity of freedom and to live a much better life than she currently is living.

Daisy *Adopted*

Daisy is approx 7 years old. Weighs around 15KG and is fully vaccinated. Available for adoption in Thailand or abroad. She is living at Sangkhlaburi sanctuary.

A big bundle of fluffy fun with the biggest smile you have ever seen. Daisy is currently in Thailand but we have started the process to get her to the UK. She lives at Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary after we arranged a transfer from her old shelter where she had been for many years. This is what they say about her: Daisy is a really relaxed girl; she’s happy-go-lucky and is content to lay on the grass and watch the world (of the sanctuary!) go by, but will waddle over to give a little love when anyone enters her run. She isn’t pushy, or bossy at all, and shares toys, attention, and even food with other dogs. Daisy the lady might be bite-sized but her personality glows and she would be an ideal best friend for every type of family. Daisy is sociable, forgiving, and sometimes quite playful so we have no doubt she’d be fine to live with other dogs and possibly any other pets. Daisy is also content at feeding times; neither overly excited nor aggressive at all and is just an all-around delight!

Toffee *Adopted*

Toffee is a female Jack Russel approx. 5 years old. Fully vaccinated and neutered.

Toffee walks really well on the lead and gets on with other dogs. She sometimes got bullied by another dog in her run and she never retaliated so she’s quite laid back and takes everything in her stride. Toffee would suit an active family as she does crave some attention and like all Jack Russell she has a lot of energy! We would like to find a house for Toffee with a nice big garden so she could explore her surroundings. Toffee has been kept in a dark run for sometime now so its time for her freedom.

Olive *Adopted*

Olive is approx. 3-5 years old .Fully vaccinated and neutered.

She’s a lovely girl and really craves her walks, so would suit an active and mature family and somewhere to live that has a big secure garden. She’s very good to walk on the harness and has lived in a run with other dogs. Olive came into the centre around 3 years ago when her owner dropped her off to be sterilised and they never came back for her. She has not been tested with children or cats but we suspect this wont be a problem. Note: Some funding available towards costs to get Olive to the UK.