Since starting Friends of Rescue we have donated to many rescue centres! Over 300 bags of dog food, various medical supplies and essentials, all donated wherever we felt they were really needed. Since Covid-19 shook the world, these rescue centres need your help more than ever. There have been no tourist in Thailand since March 2019 and donations have dropped dramatically. Things are pretty bad right now.

I can’t thank my friends and family enough, along with various generous donators, who have helped me to help the rescue centres in this difficult time. You can be assured that 100% of the money goes direct to the rescues.

Please scroll down the page to the donate button if you would like to help towards medical equipment and food.

Food donation of 8 bags to The Man That Rescues Dogs in April. Just as the Caronavirus took hold in Thailand.

Here’s what we have purchased from donations so far this year:

Autoclave machine at £600 to sterilise vital surgery equipment for neutering and spaying.

Medical supplies essential for the daily running of the clinics.

A large number of leads to enable the dogs to be walked.

Expensive medicated shampoo for the dogs with skin conditions.

300 bags of dry dog food.

Portable aircon unit for an emergency quarantine area.

A double buggy for 2 dogs that cant use wheelchairs

We did a large fundraiser for medical supplies for Saved Souls Foundation
Food donations for the dogs of Saved Souls Foudation

Food donations to the following rescue centres:

Hope For Strays Foundation – Pattaya

Saved Souls Foundation – Khon Kaen

Elfesworld – Koh Samui

Pariah Dog – Koh Samui

Adrain Giurgiu – Pattaya

The Man That Rescues Dogs – Chonburi

JH Animal Rescue – Pattaya

Happy Dogs Koh Chang – Koh Chang

75 bags raised between Friends of Rescue and the volunteers of Saved Souls Foundation when I was the volunteer coordinator. Mo and Javier raised a whopping 45 bags from their family and friends.

If you would like to donate please donate to my PayPal account. Thank you for your support!

Food donation

1 x bag of 20KG dry kibble costs 500 TBH / £13.00 Thank you for your donation