Skyler *Adopted Dec 2022*

Disabled Skyler is looking for a very special adopter or a space in a sanctuary here in the UK.

Rescued from Thailand, she is currently in short-term foster in the UK in West Sussex and can travel.

Her story:

Skyler was rescued by Saved Souls Foundation in North Eastern Thailand. She had been hit by a car and left for dead. She was also pregnant so when she was found she was rushed in for an emergency caesarean, where thankfully all 5 puppies survived. Whilst healing from her injuries she had many complications with her rear legs and so they had to be amputated.

During her stay, she then had further complications from a prolapsed rectum. Project Street Dogs, a dutch foundation stepped in to cover her growing medical costs and also became her sponsor. After a long stay at Saved Souls Foundation, she eventually recovered from all her injuries and the prolapsed rectum very well, which is when we decided to try and get her adopted and find her a forever family. She had been through so much we were determined to give her a chance.

Unfortunately, after everything she had been through she then developed a nasty wound on her bottom. This would not heal which prevented her from being allowed to fly to the UK. Once again Project Street Dogs stepped in and arranged for her to be moved to their preferred vet hospital, where she was given intense treatment to heal the wound. Skyler responded well and was soon given a clean bill of health.

After a full recovery, she was finally ready to be sent to England, to stay in foster care until a suitable adopter could be found. It has taken nearly 2 years in all to get her to this point She really has been through a lot and deserves a chance at happiness after so much upheaval.

Her personality:

Skyler is a very happy and affectionate dog who does not let her disability get in her way whatsoever. She is truly a remarkable dog who is now looking for that special person to call her own. She is a really sweet girl who absolutely loves cuddles and sitting by you on the sofa. She would absolutely flourish in a home where she could have lots of attention and love with someone who can take her exploring in her wheelchair, and show her all the things she has been missing these last few years.

She would suit being either the only dog or living with one or two other dogs or a small pack. Skyler is currently living with 3 dogs with no problem but will need a slow and supervised introduction. She is very scared of dogs she doesn’t know so can be reactive, but once she knows they are not going to hurt her she is absolutely fine. I have had no issues whatsoever with her while living with my 3 dogs.

Her needs:

She is paralysed and double incontinent so needs help with toileting. She needs expressing around 2 times a day but it’s quick and easy when you know how to do it. She will need to live in a home where the odd accident is not a problem. She will never be toilet trained so a house where this isn’t important is a must. However, with regular expression and routine, this really shouldn’t be an issue for the right adopter.

If you are interested in adopting and giving her a loving space in your home, please get in touch explaining why you would be the perfect parents for this special girl.

✅ Can live with other calm dogs

✅ Fully vaccinated and sterilised

✅ All paperwork and certificates from Thailand are available.

✅ Can use a wheelchair

✅ Weighs 13kg

✅ Approx 5 years old

✅ Rescue backup [RBU] is available

✅ No adoption fee

Adopting a wheelchair dog does have its challenges, but in return, you will receive so much love it makes it all worthwhile. Skyler really deserves to find her perfect forever family, and I know there is someone out there for her somewhere.

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The application process: