My constant companion for 10 years, Jess was a rescue dog I adopted back in 2009. Everyone who met her fell in love with her. She was intelligent and funny and made me laugh every day. We had a real bond. I had 10 wonderful years with Jess. Losing her near the end was hard and drawn out when she developed dog dementia. Something I had no idea about, its really something I didn’t understand. Things changed and life became hard for both of us. The love of my life became unrecognisable and in the end when it was time to say goodbye it was both traumatic and a relief . I treasure our good times and try not don’t dwell on the bad. I miss her every day.


I met “18” at my second rescue centre when I was naïve and new to dog rescue. We called him 18 because that was the number of his cage and whenever I asked about him they always said what cage is he in? And so the name stuck. The story of 18 is long and sad. After trying to do everything I could to save him, and despite the fact I was leaving the country soon, I offered to sponsor him and then eventually adopt him. But then he contracted Distemper and they said it was kinder to put him to sleep because once I was gone no one would look after him. It changed my life and the course of my travels forever. 18 is the whole reason I started Friends of Rescue.


Waldo had a bit of a reputation at Saved Souls and he either loved you or loathed you. We had a funny relationship because I am definitely not a fan of poodles, but it was almost comical how much he became attached to me. A fearsome tiny dog who was lucky enough to be a “free” dog who could roam as he pleased. He was a bully to some other dogs despite his size. . He was a real character. Waldo died suddenly and unexpectedly from a dog bite during the night. He was found dead in the morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the dogs had enough of his ways. We buried him the next day in the field behind the rescue centre along with some freshly picked flowers. RIP funny little man.

Run free over the rainbow bridge, until we meet again.