I’ve started this page to give an honest review of all the places I’ve volunteered at, so you can make your own choice where you would like to visit once Thailand opens up to tourists again. Obviously things have changed now with Covid sweeping the world. Currently you can only volunteer in Thailand if you are already in the country. Please click on the individual tabs for each rescue centre and scroll to the bottom for lots of photos of each one, which should give you a good idea what to expect.

Each review is just my own personal opinion, and everyone who volunteers will have a different experience to mine depending on who they meet / how long they stay for etc. If you are new to volunteering or nervous about doing it on your own, all I can say is you will have a wonderful experience and you will never feel alone.

A day trip to the National Park with my fellow volunteers and a group of lucky dogs

I had many varied experiences and some were much better than others. One thing you will gain though is huge sense of purpose, and you will be doing a great thing just by giving up your time to help these rescue centres. I made a lot of friends along the way.

Volunteering is incredibly rewarding

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